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Are there opportunities to speak at the convention?2023-10-23T15:16:52-05:00

Yes! We have opportunities to lead workshops but the space is limited. Exhibitors who are interested in a workshop can submit an application here. You will be notified by a THSC Event staff member upon review of your application. Sessions are limited in availability and are awarded at the sole discretion of the THSC Staff.

What kind of companies are approved to exhibit at the conventions?2023-09-06T11:12:59-05:00

We generally approve companies, organizations, and vendors who offer materials, books, and/or educational products or services that specifically relate to homeschools.

What is included in my booth?2023-09-06T10:52:18-05:00

8′ tall backdrop of drape

3′ tall side rails

(1) 8′ long draped table

(2) Chairs

(1) Wastebasket

(1) Booth sign

All General Exhibitor Benefits

When does THSC add exhibiting companies on the website and app?2023-10-23T15:17:12-05:00

You can expect to start seeing companies added to the Texas HomeSchool Conventions website as early as January and prior to the conventions for the convention app. If you do not see your company listed please email events@thsc.org.

What is the refund policy?2023-10-23T15:17:12-05:00

A full refund will be given up to 14 days after the initial purchase. No booth refunds will be issued after 14 days. Any booths purchased after February 15, 2024, will receive no refund after purchase.

Can I purchase a boxed lunch?2023-10-23T15:16:51-05:00

At our Houston Texas HomeSchool Convention, boxed lunches will be available for purchase inside of your exhibitor portal.

I want to exhibit at both conventions. Do I apply twice?2023-10-23T15:16:53-05:00

You only need to submit 1 application for the 2024 Texas HomeSchool Conventions. You will need to purchase a booth at both locations.

I am new to Texas HomeSchool Conventions. How do I apply to be an Exhibitor?2023-10-23T15:16:52-05:00

Exhibiting at Texas HomeSchool Conventions is by an application process. All exhibitors must go through an approval process before they are eligible to register. Our exhibitor process opens September 2024. You can fill out the application here.

How can I get more exposure at your convention?2023-10-23T15:16:52-05:00

We have lots of opportunities for you! Fill out this quick form and our team will contact you!

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