New To Homeschool?

Join us for a pre-convention seminar!

$25/per person or $35/Family

The Woodlands – Thursday, June 2, 12:00 – 5:00pm


Learn from experienced homeschool parents who have walked in your shoes.

Jared Dodd

Beverly Parrish

Beverly Parrish

Lynn Dean

Susan Macias

Susan Macias

Mary James

Jeremy Newman

Thara Reinitz

Unleash Your Freedom: THSC will help you get started on  your homeschool journey.

Can I actually do this?

Am I really qualified?

Is homeschooling really good for my children’s education?

Where do I start?

What are the homeschooling laws?

How can I feel confident in my children’s learning?

New to Homeschool Seminar Schedule

 Thursday, April 21, 2022 Explore
11:45 AM Doors Open
12:00 PM Stephanie Lambert: Welcome
12:30 PM Jeremy Newman: How to Homeschool Legally in Texas
1:00 PM Jared Dodd: Unleash Your Freedom
1:30 PM Thara Reinitz: Homeschool Survival Kit Unboxing
1:45 PM Lynn Dean: Understanding Your Child’s Unique Learning Style
2:30 PM Thara Reinitz: Practical Freedom Tip
2:35 PM Mary James: Understanding Your Own Teaching Styles
3:25 PM Beverly Parrish: Tailoring Your Homeschool to Your Family
3:45 PM Thara Reinitz: Practical Freedom Tip
3:55 PM Thara Reinitz: Practical Freedom Tip
4:00 PM Susan Macias: Homeschooling: What I Wish I Had Known
4:35 PM Thara Reinitz: Practical Freedom Tip
5:00 PM Exhibit Hall Opens
7:00 PM Exhibit Hall Closes
Family Fun Night
8 – 9 PM Exhibit Hall Tour: first-come, first-served

We will help you navigate the main Called to Teach convention, so you get the most out of the event.

  • Download the Convention Roadmap to help you prepare for your time at Called to Teach (download link found in your registration confirmation)

Exhibit Hall opens at 5 pm-7pm
Exhibit Hall Tour: Friday, 8am-9am, General Admission ticket required. First come first served.

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